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There are many mortgage lenders to choose from. You should evaluate lenders on four key factors:

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At SWFL LLC, we believe that banking and borrowing should be simpler, cheaper and more transparent.

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“The entire loan process was a pleasure and went through without a flaw. Alex and his staff go above and beyond to make sure all information and documents are signed, sealed and delivered. Thank you so much! ”


“I was very happy with the service we received on this refinancing. It was executed very professional and in a much faster and easier way than anticipated. Kim was a great help in putting everything together..”


“I am located in Michigan and purchased a second home in Naples, FL. They made it very easy and the staff worked very closely with you when they needed additional documents for the loan application. I would highly recommend them.”


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Southwest Florida Lending, LLC is your ideal mortgage partner. Get answers to questions on loan rates, refinancing options and resources to help support your goals in home ownership.

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Closing costs include items like appraisal fees, title insurance fees, attorney fees, pre-paid interest and documentation fees. These items are usually different for each customer due to differences in the type of mortgage, the property location and other factors. You will receive a good faith estimate of your closing costs in advance of your closing date for your review.

Rates are based on a variety of factors such as the loan purpose, your credit history and ability to repay, the value of the collateral and the loan amount.

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